Strength in Silicone

Silicone’s physical properties can be endlessly modified, including the viscosity of encapsulants from a few hundred centipoises for spraying to several thousand for thick coating applications. Prized for their superior moisture resistance, thermal and cold temperature stability, and dielectric strength, silicone based products are also used extensively in the electronics industry as potting and encapsulating compounds on integrated circuit boards. 

Industry-Confirmed Performance

Novagard UV/dual cure alkoxy silicone portfolio certified to IPC-CC-830C

Electrical components and microchip

Silicone's Functional Attributes

Silicone’s modifiable characteristics make it the ideal material for sealing the sensitive components of electronics applications.

illuminated UV light bulbs

A Guide to the Many Forms of UV Silicones

As the demand for increasingly sophisticated electronics grows, so too does the need for silicones to take on flow characteristics that can be tailored to specific applications in the manufacturing process.

Engineers examining and discussing an electrical component in front of computer

Taking a Deep Dive into Your Process

Selecting the best silicone for an electronic application goes beyond functional attributes. Two other questions should be addressed to identify the ideal product: how it will be applied, and what type of UV cure is best for your process.

Electrical component awaiting application of UV silicone

Video: UV Silicone Conformal Coating Application

See UV silicone conformal coating applied to several electronics components, along with the 3-5 seconds of mercury vapor cure, and black light coverage inspection with a UV tracer.

blue hued abstract image of the inside of electrical component with bright light in background

White Paper: "Understanding UV Curing Options for Industry"

A review of established and emerging UV light curing methods to educate electronics design and process engineers who are constantly challenged to reduce costs and speed up production processes.