UV Cure and UV/Dual Cure Silicones

Broadest Viscosity Range in the Industry

Novagard is the market leader in UV/dual cure silicone technology for the protection of electronic devices and component assemblies. The oxime or alkoxy chemistries of UV/dual cure silicones enable full, deep cures in seconds, often on challenging substrates – eliminating rack-and-stack waiting periods and work in process thanks to a secondary moisture cure of shadow areas inaccessible to UV.

Novagard manufactures formulations in the widest range of viscosities that work with every major equipment manufacturer and lower your total cost of ownership. This includes sprayables for thin section coating, flowables for encapsulation or dam and fill, self-leveling for potting, and pastes for enclosure bonding or staking. 

Our comprehensive product range includes:

  • Sprayable formulations, from 500 cPs to 1,500 cPs
  • Flowable formulations, from 1,500 cPs to 20,000 cPs
  • Semi-flowable and self-leveling formulations from 20,000 cPs to 100,000 cPs for potting and encapsulation
  • Thixotropic pastes ideal for instant formed-in-place gasketing that dispense like a liquid, yet hold shape like a paste
  • Tunable, high-performance adhesion promotor packages, including for adhesion to low energy substrates like PET.


Engineered for Customization

Vibration and shock resistance

Corrosion protection

Thermal stress protection

And more

Understanding UV Curing Options for Industry


  • Encapsulation and potting
  • Formed-in-place gasketing
  • Printed circuit board coatings
  • Electronics protection


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*The values outlined reflect testing that was conducted under laboratory conditions, actual results may vary. The information provided in the above table is not intended for use in preparing specifications. Please consult manufacturer for additional information. Results are after UV cure plus 7 days at 25°C/50% RH. For 800-230, 800-235, 800-240, 800-245, 800-400, 800-610, 800-620 results are after UV cure.