NovaTherm – Thermal Management Silicones

Silicones offer dependable battery power and increased power density for emerging EV and battery system technologies. The thermal conductivity of Novagard silicones can be altered based on each application and customer requirements up to 5.0 W/mK with standard filler packages. Higher conductivity values are possible with exotic fillers.

Tailoring Thermal Properties

We can custom tailor the uncured and cured physical properties of silicone for complex thermal interface management needs. The thermal filler package can also be modified to impart specific performance characteristics. Our polymer technology capabilities extend to adhesion promoters, which have changed the game in terms of what is possible in adhesion performance.


Thermal gap fillers

  • Two-part dispensable gap filler – adhesive and non-adhesive, for heat curing at the application
  • One-part moisture-cure gap filler


Thermal gels

  • One-part lightly-crosslinked/Cured dispensable thermal gel


Thermal greases and dispensable pastes

  • Heat mitigation from high performance integrated circuits on power supply PCBs


Advanced products

  • Conductive foam, compressible and rigid
  • Engineered conductive composites


  • Viscosity
  • Thixotropy
  • Pot life
  • Thermal filler geometry based on the above



  • Adhesion to both standard electronics and difficult low surface energy substrates, including PET, FR4, PBT, polypropylene, copper, aluminum, brass, gold, and stainless steel
  • Shore hardness
  • Elongation
  • Tensile strength


  • EV – Automotive battery modules and gap fillers
  • Power systems – IGBT semiconductor & power supplies, fast-charging drive systems
  • Servers – ASCIS, DSP, microprocessor with heat sinks or cold plates
  • LED lighting – Panels & modules
  • Telecommunications
  • Solar – Junction boxes & AC/DC converters
  • Wiring harness pin connectors


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*The values outlined reflect testing that was conducted under laboratory conditions, actual results may vary. The information provided in the above table is not intended for use in preparing specifications. Please consult manufacturer for additional information.